Friday, November 26, 2010

Looking For dog shampoo?-Best Dog Shampoo Guide

dog shampoo on offers, it is very important to be keen when choosing the best dog shampoo that suits your lovely dog. Getting the value for your money can be realized when you get the best returns for the dog shampoo you purchase. So you need to know what kind of dog shampoo you need for your dog. Individual pet require different types of shampoos depending on the various needs. In abstract the best shampoos offer the following qualities for different uses.* Quality ingredients - When the composition of the dog shampoo is not good for your dog so many things can go wrong. Read the product label to check if your dog is allergic to any elements in the shampoo composition.
* Efficacy - achieve its desired objective within the shortest time possible without having to use so much of the shampoo.
* Physical Properties of the shampoos - For efficiency of the dog shampoo to be realized the shampoo must have some basic important characteristics. Good dog shampoos should lather easily, have low PH, have a good scent and maintain moisture to the surface of the skin.
* Easiness of use - The shampoo should be easy to use and achieve the intended purpose. The compatibility of the dog shampoo with other soaps use bathing the dog is admirable character while the oil and skin stain removal characteristics is exceptional.
* Cost effectiveness - Some shampoos are designed to cater for the dirt removal and hair brightening while others are purposely for parasites elimination. A shampoo that has both characteristics is the best since it is relatively priced yet it achieves two main objectives.
Are there Specific Shampoos for the dogs?
* There exists different varieties of dog shampoo but there are specific shampoos that address specific dog problems. They designed to solve a particular problem of the pet.
* Medicated shampoos are prescribed by the doctor in severe cases of pruritis as part of the management.They is also prescribed in case of the mange. They contain anti inflammatory elements such as non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and corticoids derivatives such as hydrocortisone.
* Allergic dogs can have the hypo-allergic dog shampoo that reduce the amount of irritation on the skin. These kinds of shampoos are helpful in cases of hypersensitivity of the skin that results in varied skin reactions manifesting as rashes with no specific etiology.
* Shampoo additives - To emphasize on the efficacy of the shampoo some additives augment the fundamental elements. Aloe Vera, peppermint and antiseptics have a great improvement on the performance of the shampoo in general. They sooth the skin and reduce irritations. Since these additives are used in human shampoos they are as good for the dog's shampoos
* Insect repellents are estimable when the dog shampoo has them as part of the components since most pets are prone to insects' bites.
In summary the decision of choosing the finest dog shampoo for your dog is dependent on your needs versus the needs of your dog. For an allergic dog you may not have a chance to argue about cost effectiveness if the particular shampoo that is cost effective does not cater for this need. It is time we realized we need to put the needs of our pets first before self.